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Business model and strategy

A9C Capital – Where investment meets technology

A9C Capital was created to facilitate the flow of capital from the Gulf region into Private Equity investments in technology companies with high growth, excellent return potential and that can serve both the economies of the Middle East and Europe. We focus on identifying and proposing investments in SMEs with outstanding growth potential, unique technology access and a clearly defined exit strategy. Our services address the areas of deal sourcing, deal closing and post closure deal management.

A9C Capital – Where ideas meet resources

A9C Capital serves its clients in every phase of the innovation cycle. Whether for a business idea or a concept ready for commercialization, we offer the required services and expertise – be it consulting, project management or investment process management. In all matters, A9C Capital is the leading expert for technology endeavors and we firmly believe that a great idea is the cornerstone of any business venture. We identify the right source for early phase venture capital just as well as funding for later stage expansion funding, corporate restructuring or bridge financing.

A9C Capital - Where wisdom meets realization

Great ideas and rewarding opportunities can originate from a variety of sources and the appetite for such investments varies as well considerably amongst investors. A9C Capital therefore utilizes a network strategy: Through our extensive global technology network and our focused investor network in the Middle East we connect innovative and promising opportunities in technology with the right partners and investors. A9C Capital is, however, not simply a “middle man” – we add value for our clients through consultancy, advisory and project management services to technology companies, investors, government initiatives and public sector organizations.

The 4Is-Curve

In bridging the gap between invention and commercialization, A9C Capital plays a vital role in supporting the successful completion of the cycle from initial idea to investment (we call this “the 4Is-Curve”). The efficient management of the innovation process and the minimization of time-to-market are the core priorities for any technology company.

A9C Capital operates along this curve: After identifying a promising idea or invention, we offer the support of our network to convert the mere idea or invention into an innovative technology or product. On this basis, we develop a commercially viable business case together with the technology provider. At the end of the process chain, we approach suitable investors with this business plan to secure the funds for implementation. We believe that successfully implementing innovations will further the growth of the region and ultimately become a cornerstone of its future economic setup.