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A9C Capital’s projects have a clear focus on technology. We have an established international network of highly specialized and renowned scientists and technology partners to identify and develop the most promising technology ideas to commercialization stage. Our focus on technology ensures a high growth rate setting for Venture Capital and Private Equity investments. Within the wide area of technology, A9C Capital has chosen to focus on six specific sectors. The technologies from these sectors complement one another in many different ways and thereby provide a high potential for building clusters.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

In recent years many ideas from the ICT have left their marks in our daily lives. “Mobile applications”, “Web 2.0” and “Social Networks” are only some of the phenomena which were developed in the sector. Examples for mandates in this sector are business intelligence, data content management, knowledge-based search engines, software engineering and data security systems.


Our everyday lives as we know it is not imaginable without applications originating from the aerospace industry such as, for example, communication and navigation. Technologies in this sector comprise air- and spacecraft applications, aerospace vehicle manufacturing, earth observation with airborne or spatial solutions, satellite communication and satellite navigation.

Logistics and transportation

New technologies have manifold applications in logistics and transportation. Therefore, this sector is very closely linked to all other sectors A9C Capital covers. Our main focus in this area is on advanced systems for organizing and managing the flow of goods, vehicles and persons. This relates to integrated systems such as electric mobility, to cargo handling and storage solutions and to flow management systems, e.g. for airports and ports.

New Materials and Systems

This sector focuses on modern, interdisciplinary cross-sectional technologies. In many cases, this sector offers more early-stage projects and investments in this area have a strong Venture Capital character. Some exemplary solutions from these fields of research are surface structures, optical data transfer, sensors, near-infrared applications and laser applications.

Renewable energy and clean technology

This sector is all about protecting the very foundation of our existence and relates to renewable energy sources, manufacturing on the basis of low environmental impact and efficient use of basic resources, in particular water. Germany is the leading country worldwide in the field of “green solutions” and A9C Capital has excellent access to the according technology solutions. Examples include offshore wind farms, photo-voltaic and solar thermal systems, water desalination, fuel cells, and hydrogen.

Multimedia technology

We see two main drivers in the sector of Multimedia Technology. The first is the ever increasing level of interactivity, most prominently seen in internet television. This allows for new solutions and business models in areas such as marketing and information. The second driver is the development of virtual reality applications. These applications not only relate to interactive gaming, but encompass also e-learning and new communication applications.