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Governments and governmental agencies

Research and project management for governments

Most countries in the MENA region have commenced economic diversification programs to reduce their dependency on natural resources. The groundwork has been done with the massive development programs in recent years – but sustainable development will have to go further. Technology and knowledge can be one of the pillars of future growth, and A9C Capital is committed to supporting governments in this area: We evaluate various technologies and identify their potential for economic success. By order of governments, we compile market surveys and feasibility studies as the foundation for their technology strategies and policy recommendations.

Crucial for the economic change in the Middle East is, among others, the usage of trendsetting technologies. Governments need to trigger innovation processes which will lead to new branches of economic activity and in turn result in a diversified economy independent of a single resource. For this purpose it is necessary to develop appropriate research activities at universities, invest in R&D activities in companies and to establish reasonable research co-operation between universities and the private industry sector.

Similar to countries like Germany or the European Union, governments of Middle Eastern countries should develop a high-tech strategy which can be used as a road map for key technologies to guarantee growth potential for the economy in the long run. A9C Capital, together with its partners, is in the unique position to develop such strategies. An obvious example for the services provided by A9C Capital can be found in the field of renewable energy technologies. The growing demand of energy requires the development of comprehensive energy concepts which will strongly support the development of the region. A9C Capital is able to evaluate existing technologies in the field of renewable energy and, if required, to present solutions from its own portfolio to match these challenges.

In this context, another interesting example can be seen in the buildup of a national aerospace industry. The commercial use of space related technology is only at its beginning. For the Middle East very attractive niches that will meet the requirements of both the public and private sector can be identified. The current trends in the field of satellite technology dealing with GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) are only one of the many examples of these tendencies.